Our award winning fishing simulator, the Sportfishin’ Simulator has been the leader in virtual fishing technology development for 20 years.

This is no lame video game, it’s the next best thing to being there!

“I am so pleased with the realism of this fishing simulator… It is clear that the simulations were created by experienced anglers. Keep up the great work, looking forward to your next species release!”

Mike Lewis

Fishing Planet LLC

Combining rare, real underwater film footage of the strike and fight of popular game fish with an advanced computer system, the fishing simulator creates heart pumping fishing experiences in exhilarating detail.

The fishing action on the screen is completely synchronized with the feel on your professional rod… the reel screams, the rod bends, the line pulls… it’s just like having a fish on your line.

Catch the Excitement of virtual fishing!

The Sportfishin’ Simulator is always a big hit at Shows & Special Events.

Our fishing simulator is used by dozens of State and Federal agencies for outreach programs, angler education and conservation awareness campaigns; is a valuable tool for tackle testing and instruction; and is an exceptional draw at retail promotions, hospitality venues and special events.

The Sportfishin’ Simulator was invented by Canada’s legendary sport fishing personality Charlie White. Originally designed to teach anglers visiting fishing lodges not to lose the “big one” when they get it on the line, ongoing filming of new species and fish plays has produced simulations that will have you shouting for the landing net!

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