“When we set up a Sportfishin’ Simulator at events, it creates a lot of interest in fishing. Parents love seeing their children catching the big one.”


Doug Darr, Alabama Wildlife & Fisheries

“There was a lot of yelling and cheering going on, so people came by to see what was happening... once they were in, they shopped.”

Dave Krantz, Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine

"If you're an experienced fisherman and you stood there with a pole in your hand and blindfolded, I don't think you could honestly tell the difference."

Steve Hill, Associated Press

“I took the Simulator to a large Billfish tournament and it was the absolute big hit of the event.”

Robert Van Norman Productions

“The response for the Simulator at our first trade show was overwhelming. We now have a second one so we can handle the crowds.”

Mike Devlin, Infoteria Inc.

“It's awesome... it compares very well to real fishing. I've been fishing all my life and the nibbles and strikes are very realistic.”

Pat East, Miami Herald

The Sportfishin’ Simulator is consistently the No. 1 attraction at Consumer and Trade Shows; is used by dozens of State and Federal agencies for outreach programs and conservation awareness campaigns; is a valuable tool for tackle testing and instruction; and is an exceptional draw at retail promotions, hospitality venues and special events.

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary!

History: The Sportfishin’ Simulator was invented by Canadian sport fishing personality Charlie White.

Charlie is also the inventor of the downrigger, architect of underwater attractions and author of numerous books and videos on sport fishing. The fishing simulator was originally designed to teach anglers visiting fishing lodges not to lose “the big one” when they get it on the line. The Sportfishin’ Simulator is for sale throughout the world available exclusively through Quantum Leap Innovations Inc. Using rare underwater film footage that Charlie has compiled over many years of sportfishin’ behavioral research and ongoing filming of new species and new fish plays, a wide variety of exciting fishing simulations are created in exhilarating detail.

Weight: 35 lbs.(16 kg.)
Size:  16 in. W x 6 in. H x 16 in. D
(40 cm. W x 15cm. H x 40 cm. D)
Footprint: 4 ft. x 8 ft. (1.2 m. x 2.4 m.)
Voltage: 110 to 230
Includes Operating Manual


I am so pleased with the realism of this fishing simulator.

5 5 1
It is clear that the simulations were created by experienced anglers.  Keep up the great work, looking forward to your next species release!