Sportfishin' Simulator Deluxe Exhibit

The Sportfishin’ Simulator Deluxe has been designed to provide a unique and compelling attraction for permanent installation in public venues.

The revolutionary realism of the Sportfishin’ Simulator Original is maintained with the Deluxe and supplemented with a variety of advanced exhibition components.







































The Sportfishin’ Simulator Deluxe


Player can choose between 6 fishing simulations: Marlin, Salmon, Sailfish, Bass, Trout and Tarpon. As an option, can be programmed for playing of 1 specific game fish.

Custom Programing Options

• On screen logo or graphic insertion

• Adjust to the degree of difficulty

• Adjust to the degree of power

• Modify graphic elements

On Screen

When the Simulator is idle the screen reverts to an exciting compilation of scenes from the Virtual Fishin’ programs to attract participants.

& Fish Weight

The player can activate a rod casting simulation at the beginning of each play, and at the end of each play the weight of the trophy fish is displayed.

On Screen
& Tension Bar

A tension bar acts as a guide for improving angler technique, on screen scoring measures the players fishing technique. These features can be disabled.

Lost Fish

If the player loses their game fish, a video animation depicts the fish coming out of the water and spitting out the bait.


The Sportfishin’ Simulator Deluxe comes with a custom reel and rod, 300 yards of fishing line, wireless controller and laptop computer for operator programming.  The operator provides a screen (the Simulator is compatible with all) and exhibit cosmetics.

The Sportfishin’ Simulator Deluxe delivers a thrilling and authentic fishing experience that is enjoyed by people of all ages, whether novices or experienced anglers.

It’s also a great spectator sport that creates excitement wherever it appears.