The Sportfishin’ Simulator Features:

• Simple to Operate

• Compact and Portable

• Easy to Maintain

• Proven Durability

Choose your Fish Fight

Anglers can select from up to 10 Saltwater or Freshwater fishing programs.

More programs are on the way!

Lost Fish

Interactive film technology produces a simulation that can result in the fish being lost if not played properly.  Anglers learn to use appropriate fishing techniques for keeping their trophy fish on the line.

Tackle Weight Options

Choose from multiple tackle options. Creates an even more realistic response when fishing different species. Lighter tackle is ideal for younger children and novices..

Digital Scoring Fishing Derbies

The digital scoring system is engineered to accurately measure each participant’s skill level and fishing technique. Great for Virtual Fishing Derbies, tackle testing and angler training.

Add Your Brand

Customize your Sportfishin’ Simulator by adding your logo, message or a sponsor at the beginning of each fish play.

Fishing Simulator Programs:

From the dramatic strike of a 100 pound Sailfish, to the finesse demanded by a frisky Rainbow Trout, to the intensity of a battle with a 40 pound King Salmon, to the missile jumps of a trophy Tarpon, the fishing simulator is also a great spectator sport.

More Programs Coming Soon!

Sportfishing  Programs:
• Tarpon
• Sailfish
• Marlin
• Salmon
• Mako Shark (New Release)

Sportfishing  Programs:
• Large Mouth Bass
• Lake Trout
• Walleye
• Small Mouth Bass
• Rainbow Trout (New Release)

“I am so pleased with the realism of this fishing simulator… It is clear that the simulations were created by experienced anglers. Keep up the great work, looking forward to your next species release!”

Mike Lewis

Fishing Planet LLC

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1 800 601-9001

+1 250 388-7466

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