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Local television personalities enjoy the realistic fishing experience of the Sportfishin’ Simulator at the Kentucy Boat Show.

Combining rare, real underwater film footage of the strike and fight of popular game fish with an advanced computer system, the fishing simulator creates heart pumping fishing experiences in exhilarating detail.

The Sportfishin’ Simulator Deluxe has been designed to provide a unique and compelling attraction for permanent installation in public venues. The revolutionary realism of the Sportfishin’ Simulator Original is maintained with the Deluxe and supplemented with a variety of advanced exhibition components.

“It's awesome... it compares very well to real fishing. I've been fishing all my life and the nibbles and strikes are very realistic.”

Pat East

Miami Herald

“There was a lot of yelling and cheering going on, so people came by to see what was happening ... once they were in, they shopped.”

Dave Krantz

Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine

“If you’re an experienced fisherman and you stood there with a pole in your hand and blindfolded, I don’t think you could honestly tell the difference.”

Steve Hill

Associated Press

“Well the simulator was tried and tested at the national show and what a great success. Queues of people to try it out, and everyone left with a smile and memory. Then I was asked to show case it at our Fisheries staff day yesterday, again tried by many good anglers, their feedback was all positive. It’s a great piece of equipment and very realistic.”

Karen Griffin

Inland Ireland Fisheries

“I am so pleased with the realism of this fishing simulator… It is clear that the simulations were created by experienced anglers. Keep up the great work, looking forward to your next species release!”

Mike Lewis

Fishing Planet LLC

“When we set up a Sportfishin’ Simulator at events, it creates a lot of interest in fishing. Parents love seeing their children catching the big one.”

Doug Darr

Alabama Wildlife & Fisheries

“I took the Simulator to a large Billfish tournament and it was the absolute big hit of the event”

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